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TEST…Don’t Guess!

Test...hay that is! Long stem forage is critical to rumen health and overall wellness of our kiko goats... especially this time of year.  Purchasing GOOD hay is always a challenge, and total hay costs are a big ticket item in our feed budget each year.  When winter comes, we use good quality mixed grass-legume hay...
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Kid Report

We wrapped up our kidding season on April 1st! Its been a great spring for kidding...mild weather and lots of green grass and great Kiko mothers.  85 kids averaging 6.5 pounds at birth, 6 sets of triplets and no birthing assistance needed.  That makes for a fairly stress free kidding season.  And even though we lost...
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Spring has sprung!!!

Looking forward to spring grazing starting this week!  Easter is past and forages are looking good on the farm.  Waiting for them to reach 8" prior to starting the grazing rotation....this helps to promote healthy root growth, drought tolerance and overall forage productivity throughout the summer.  Healthy forage makes for some very happy goats! Soil testing pastures...
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