Rain, Rain Everywhere and LOTS of Grass To Eat…

If your farm is like ours this spring, we have had ideal conditions for above average forage growth… we’ve had lots of rain and so now have LOTS of grass.  Figuring out the best way to use this forage to maintain quality, production and resilience is a challenge for sure, and taking hay  is not an option for us.  Of course we want to have the best grazing possible for the longest period of time.  And, what if we have a drought this summer….maintaining quality and quantity  depends on decisions we make now and in the coming weeks.   Vic Shelton, state grazing specialist for Indiana wrote an informative article about managing the abundant growth in the May 2017 issue of “Grazing Bites”.  If you are struggling with decisions to make on your grazing program, check out this article for some helpful guidance from a knowledgeable specialist and grazier himself:

Grazing Bites May2017

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