HERDSIRES…Past, Present and Future

 FUTURE Herdsires:

These bucks, along with BWP Tough’s Toughstuff (not Pictured) were used to produce a limited number of the 2017 kid crop.  We look forward to seeing how the kids perform this summer….time will tell how good these bucks really are!

 PBG Ten High

PBG Ten High(shown above at 7 months old) is our top ten buck from the 2016 Maryland buck test.  His sire is Jackhammer, and his dam is JDR Della.  Della is a daughter of “Big Sam”(winner of 2012 Maryland buck test) .  We hope his kids perform as well as his ancestors.  He was born a twin and his 90day adjusted wean weight was 49#. Click here for pedigree


WEB Makers Mark

WEB Makers Mark(pictured above at 6 months old) has the looks, performance background and pedigree that makes him at the top of our list for future herdsire.  His sire is CGI Ringo, an outstanding son of Pango, and his dam is WMB Marriah. Marriah and Ringo have both produced high performing offspring in the Maryland buck test and on the farm. Marriah is a top producing doe for Weber Farms, winner of the very challenging 2016 Western Maryland Buck Test.  Click here for pedigree


PRESENT and PAST Herdsires:

WEB Jackhammer, Sire of 2015, 2016 and 2017 kid crop

“WEB Jackhammer”has produced the majority our 2015 & 2016 kid crop.  He has been an outstanding addition to our herd, and adds to our list of herdsires with great performance tested genetics! His 2016 buckling, PBG Ten High, was a top ten buck in the very difficult Western Maryland Buck Test. Jackhammer is out of a doe named AFK Dumbo, who was sired by Titan’s Hammer and out of a strong and hardy doe, ECR P77.

  Jackhammer’s sire is CFC Night Rider, who was sired by Hamlet, a son of Eastex James Bond and is out of a daughter of Waysu Goliath’s Keeper.

Jackhammer has proven to be hardy and fast growing like his ancesters.  We have been pleased with the kids he has produced for us… adding growth, frame and muscle to his offspring. Click here for his pedigree









SPECIAL BREEDING FOR 2017…CGI RingoSaid to be one of the best Pango sons ever born, we are excited to be able to have used this special buck on a limited number of does in 2017.  Many thanks to John Weber, Weber Farms, for this opportunity.  We have some great looking kids on the ground out of Ringo, and are looking forward to seeing how they perform.



 PBG Prince, sire of 2014 and 2015 kid crop

PBG Prince was a son of TNB Shaddix out of a large framed and tough daughter (BWP 136) of “GFI Rolling Meadows Turbo” buck.  He is wide bodied and hardy just like his dad!  His kids are colorful, hardy and fast growing, just the way we want them to be!  PBG Prince was born a triplet at 6.3# on 3/11/11 and had an average daily gain of .53lb, wean weight of 54# and wean ratio of 132.  He was the top performing buckling on the farm in 2011. Click here for pedigree.


CGI Shogun, Sire of 2013 & 2014 kid crop

Thanks to an arrangement with Adams Family Kikos in Illinois, we were pleased to have “Shogun” as the sire for a majority of our 2013 and 2014 crop of NZ, Purebred and percentage kids.  Shogun was a medium-framed, extremely hardy and hardworking NZ buck.  He is known to produce fast growing and colorful kids.  He is out of a Top Notch Champagne x Pango son & a Nick/Gloria daughter.  His offspring were top performers in the very difficult summer of 2013 at the Maryland Buck test.  They were top performers in parasite resistance as well as daily gain.  These are production proven genetics!!   Shogun was born a twin at 8# on 5/20/09 and had a 90-day weaning weight of 45#.


TNB Shaddix, Sire of 2011 & 2012 kid crop

Our first Kiko herdsire, TNB Shaddix, was the high selling buck at Kikofest 2007.  He was heavily muscled, wide bodied and very hardy.  He sired our 2011 and 2012 kid crop and has proven to be everything we had hoped for in a Kiko sire.  He is out of TLF Exceller (Goldmine/Moneymaker bloodlines), and his dam was TNB Endurance (Aristocrat/Goldmine bloodlines).  Click here for pedigree. TNB Shaddix was born a twin at 6# on 12/24/06 and had a 90-day wean weight of 53#.