Doe Herd Noteables

Our brood herd includes approximately 40 NZ Purebred, Purebred and Percentage Kiko does that we are very proud of!  Through breeding up the best of our existing meat goat herd and purchase of additional foundation animals with performance proven Kiko genetics, we believe we can provide our customers with some of the best, most productive Kiko goats available.  Check out some of our favorite does……


PBG Molly

This  is a 2011 purebred doe by Raiz n Cane on the top side and a daughter of Mr. Speckles on the bottom.  She is a great producer and always performs well on our farm.  She consistently rates at the top of our doe efficiency numbers and weaning weights.


BWP 119

This daughter of “Turbo”, shown with one of her 2013 doelings sired by Shogun, has produced many good goats over the years….  We have retained most of her daughters for our herd because of their fast growth, great maternals and overall hardiness.  This doe is one of our favorite foundation does,  from the Wes and Bev Pinneo farm(BbarW kikos)


 PBG Shogun’s Loli

This 2013 doe is a Shogun daughter and proven dam. She is a tough, deep bodied doe with excellent maternal traits, very good overall vigor and and parasite resistance.   Her 2015 buckling performed well in the Maryland test

LEN A5(Big Al) 

LEN A5 is a NZ granddaughter of Loverboy, sired by CFC Night Rider.  She has proven to be a great addition to our doe herd.  She has great overall width, body length and is a strong, hardy member of the doe herd with outstanding maternals.



PBG Makers 803

This young doe is a daughter of WEB Makers Mark, out of one of our favorite does that are sired by WEB Jackhammer.  She has great length, style and is proving to be one of our top does from the 2018 kid crop.  We are looking forward to seeing what she produces!


PBG Tippie

The purebred doe on the right in this picture is a top producer and daughter of TNB Shaddix and AFK Short Ears(shown on left)



GAL Hammer’s Fiddlin’ Betse 

This 2012 doe is one of 5 NZ daughters sired by Titan’s Hammer that we are proud to own… She is shown here with one of her 2017 twins. She consistently produces fast growing twins, and has the depth, width and length that we are looking for in our does.


PBG Patches

Patches is a purebred daughter of TNB Shaddix out of our Turbo daughter BWP119.   Shown above with her 2017 bucklings, she consistently produces hardy and fast growing twins.  She is everything we want in our doe herd… low maintenance,  great mother,  good size and muscling. She was born a twin at 7# and had an adjusted 90d wean weight of 42#


JDR Della

Della is a 2014 NZ daughter of “Big Sam”, winner of the 2012 Maryland Buck Test.  She is the dam of our top ten buck, “Ten High” and comes from the proven performance herd of Jarred Dennison.  She has outstanding parasite resistance, maternals and vigor… she has become one of our favorite does.

PBG Shogun’s Lisa

This 2013 doe is a daughter of AFK Short Ears and sired by CGI Shogun.  She is shown here with one of her 2017 twins.  She is a consistently low maintenance doe with outstanding maternals and has earned the right to be a staple in our brood doe herd.



PJM Bluejay/Austin E41



PJM Bluejay/Austin E37




These are two of three NZ does in our herd that are sired by PJM Copyright’s Bluejay…. Bluejay is by  the noteable buck, Blue’s Copyright.  Copyright has been a cornerstone of the successful prerformance production herd of P.J. Murphy in New Jersey. We purchased these does in 2015 to help imoprove the performance and quality of our doe herd.  So far, they have not disappointed us.