Noteable Bucks

Noteable bucks…..

Many great bucks have had an influence on our herd and here are a few of those that are particularly noteable:

 Boulder Hills Hamlet

Hamlet is the first kiko that set foot on Hoosier Hills… he started our journey into raising this outstanding breed.  We leased Hamlet in 2007 from Paul Morgan to see how the kiko influence could improve our doe herd, and we were not disappointed.

Hamlet was a son of Eastex James Bond and is line bred Confederate.   He had the size, width, bone, meat and vigor that we all look for in a great meat goat.

CFC Night Rider

Pictured above is CFC Night Rider, the sire of WEB Jackhammer.  His breeder, Paul Morgan said of Night Rider that “he was the fastest growing kid I ever saw”.  His sire, Hamlet, is pictured above.

Night Rider and the well known, performance proven buck “LEN 8” share the same dam, GFI Waysu’s Keeper’s 31,  a daughter of Goliath’s Keeper.