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Welcome to Hoosier Hills Kiko Goats!
wned and operated by Pat Larr and Betty Joubert.


Our goats are located on our 257-acre working farm along with crops, other livestock, hay and pastureland, forests, wetlands, ponds and wildlife habitat areas... all nestled in the gently rolling hills of southeastern Indiana.

We’ve been in the goat business for many years, working with several other breeds before deciding to specialize in the KIKO MEAT GOAT breed.

OUR GOAL is to raise highly productive and low maintenance KIKO GOATS in harmony with our everyday lives and our peaceful farm in beautiful southern Indiana.  Our goats work hard for us so that we don’t have to work as hard to keep our farm healthy and sustainable, both economically and environmentally. 
We love raising goats and know that you will, too, once you experience the outstanding characteristics of the KIKO MEAT GOAT!!!   To learn more about this amazing animal and how it came to be, check out the following links:  American Kiko Goat Association, National Kiko Registry, International Kiko Goat Association

Check out our RESOURCES page for more links to helpful websites on Kiko goats, goat health and management, as well as pasture and hayland management, conservation practices and more.


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