Goats for Sale


At Hoosier Hills, we offer productive and low-maintenance select Kiko goat breedstock, including  COMMERCIAL and REGISTERED (National Kiko Registry and American Kiko Goat Association) PUREBRED, NEW ZEALAND PUREBRED, and CROSSBRED KIKO GOATS.  All goats sold for breeding stock have passed our selection standards based on ADG, parasite resistance/resilliance, and essential sire and dam performance.  All goats sold are guaranteed for health and breeding soundness, or we will return your money or exchange your goat.  Contact us at 812/525-4261 or pattylarr@gmail.com for more information and availability.

Update  4/23/20:  We have a nice selection of does available for purchase now at the farm!

We  are also proud to be consigning goats for sale in the following sales for 2020:

May 2 Mountain Premier Invitational,  WV CANCELLED

June 4-5 Bluegrass Performance Invitational,  Frankfort KY  CANCELLED

July 11 Heartland Kiko Sale, Lawrence KS CANCELLED

October 4, Cream of the Crop Kiko Sale, Corydon, IN

4/23/20  CHECK OUT A SAMPLING OF THE DOES WE HAVE FOR SALE NOW AT THE FARM (please call or email for pricing and more information):


1952 New Zealand SOLD

1917 New Zealand SOLD

1920 New Zealand SOLD

Tag #1961 Purebred…  Going to Cream of the Crop Sale Oct 2020

Tag #1937 New Zealand    PEDIGREE   SOLD

Tag#1909 Purebred SOLD

1943 & 1942 New Zealand sisters PEDIGREE  SOLD

Tag #1964 Purebred

Tag #1968 New Zealand… Going  to Cream of the Crop Sale Oct 2020

Tag #1955 New Zealand SOLD



Tag #585 New Zealand  SOLD


Tag #85 New Zealand  SOLD

Tag #96 Purebred


See below for some of our past years sale consignments!


PBG Dominator’s Hoosier 825:  SOLD

This doe was born a twin in February 2018 at 6.8# and had a 90d wean weight of 40#.  She is sired by WEB Blue’s Dominator, a Blue’s Son offspring, and winner of the 2016 Western Maryland Buck Test.  Her dam is a daughter of PJM Copyright’s Bluejay.  Bluejay sired several kids who excelled at ADG in the West Virginia and Maryland Buck Tests and showed strong parasite resistance as well at Maryland.   This doe has done well in our herd and has exhibited steady growth and good parasite resistance with our management style throughout her life.



PBG Dominator/Hammer Hoosier 843:  SOLD

This 100%NZ daughter of WEB Dominator was born a twin at 6# and had a 90d wean weight of 42#.  Her dam, “GAL Hammer’s Fiddlin’ Betse”, is our favorite daughter of the legendary MGR Titan’s Hammer, and this is the first daughter out of her that we have offered for sale.  We are retaining her twin sister and think this cross has worked very well… a classic Moneymaker/Generator cross that has proven the test of time.


UPDATE!  The yearling shown above was the high selling doe at the 2019 Bluegrass Performance Invitational!  Thanks to Troy Lohman for his purchase of this fine doe!

PBG Maker’s Hoosier 853:  SOLD

This American Purebred was born a twin in February 2018 at 6.2#.  Her 90d wean weight was 40#.  She is sired by our outstanding herdsire, WEB Maker’s Mark (a son of CGI Ringo).  Her dam is a daughter of CGI Shogun. Shogun is well know for producing hardy and fast growing offspring. His sons swept many of the top honors at the 2013 Western Maryland Buck Test.  This yearling doe has lived up to the hardiness and aggressive foraging characteristics of her genetics from both her dam and sire.


PBG Dominator’s Hoosier Secret:  SOLD

This is another 100% NZ daughter of WEB Dominator out of a Titan’s Hammer daughter, “GAL Hammer’s Secret”.  She is a twin with a birth weight of 6.5# and 90d wean weight of 37#. She has grown out well and is a very promising young doe.


PBG Maker’s Hoosier 863:   SOLD

This American Purebred is a triplet sired by WEB Makers Mark out of a RaizNKane daughter,  one of our favorite foundation does.   She is showing a lot of promise and has the genetics to be a tough and long producing doe with great maternals.


PBG Dominator’s Hoosier 836:    SOLD

This 100% NZ was sired by WEB Dominator and out of a first-freshener daughter of WEB Jackhammer.  She has strong genetic influence on both sides of her pedigree from AFK Dumbo, who is a daughter of Titan’s Hammer out of ECR P77.  AFK Dumbo produced WEB Ginger, (dam of Dominator) as well as WEB Jackhammer.  Jackhammer has produced high performing bucks at Maryland and West Virginia, as well as some outstanding does.   She was born a twin at 6.9# and had a 90d wean weight of 36#.  We like how this doe is coming along and think she brings  great potential along with an outstanding performance background with her.


PBG Hoosier 722:   SOLD

This 2017 American Purebred doe was born a twin at 6.4 # 90 day wean weight of 37#.  She is a daughter of our outstanding Shogun/AFK Shortears doe and produced a nice set of twins this year as a first freshener… we hate to see her go!

(picture to come)



Past years Consignments:

  “PBG Jack’s Hoosier 657”     SOLD

This doeling was born a twin in November ’16.  She is a daughter of our buck WEB Jackhammer and decends from our favorite line of dams, going back to a daughter of  Keepers OZ.  Oz sired top performing bucks at the Maryland Buck test for Craig Adams.  She is a big, strong doe and has great length and shows excellent hardiness…. one of our favorites from last years crop. She is dual registered with NKR and AKGA.

“PBG Hoosier 736”    SOLD

With a wean ratio of 100, this March doeling is a 7/8 Kiko and a twin daughter of WEB Nemesis.  Nemasis is an up and coming sire that is a son of CGI Ringo out of a Shogun daughter…  Solid performance ancestry on both sides add to this doeling’s genetic potential and appeal. We have been very happy with the Nemasis kids we have on the ground… they are good growing and have strong bone and nice muscling. She is dual registered NKR and AKGA.

“PBG Jack’s Hoosier 629”    SOLD

This purebred yearling is another favorite from the 2016 crop, sired by Jackhammer out of a Shogun daughter from our Keeper’s Oz doe.  She’s a strong forager with great length, feet, depth and overall size. Her wean ration was 106, and she has grown out very well.  She is dual registered NKR and AKGA.

  “PBG Hoosier 704”    SOLD

With a wean ration of 106, this February purebred doeling has strong Keeper genetics on both sides of her pedigree.  Her sire is a son of BWP Keepers Ghost and her dam is a granddaughter of Keeper’s Oz.  She is a very well balanced doeling with great depth, nice topline, good bone and overall hardiness… kinda hard to let this one go!  She is dual registered NKR and AKGA.


 “PBG Jacks Hoosier 637”    SOLD

This purebred yearling is sired by Jackhammer out of a Shogun daughter…. this cross has proven to produce some very nice animals that we are proud to keep in the doe herd, and this doe is no exception.  She has shown very good parasite resistance and is a strong forager with good feet, overall width and scrappy personality. She is dual registered NKR and AKGA.


 “PBG Hoosier 737”     SOLD

This doeling is a full sister to LOT 11 substitution and is another great example of the WEB Nemsis kids we had this year.


 “PBG Hoosier 724”   SOLD

This is a late February NZ doeling out of a first freshener Jackhammer daughter.  Her sire is WEB Makers Mark, our outstanding young herdsire, a son of CGI Ringo and WMB Mariah.  We are impressed with his kids growth, style and hardiness, and look forward to seeing how they continue to develop.  She is NKR registered.


 “PBG Jack’s Hoosier 624”  SOLD

This purebred yearling was born a triplet out of a doe that we purchased from Craig Adams at the 2014 BPI.  We have been happy with her hardiness, foraging and growth…. not to mention she definitely stands out in a crowd!  She is NKR registered.