Herd Management

Managing the herd

“We have no doubt that utilizing the outstanding grazing and browsing characteristics of the Kiko goat has helped us improve our herd health, profits and maintenance requirements.   It would be difficult to identify the best Kiko breeding stock if our goats were on continuous grain instead of being the hard working animals they were born and bred to be.  With that in mind, our feeding and herd management program over the years has evolved into a low input, mostly forage & browse based system. “

With this in mind, we:

*utilize rotational grazing/forage management to promote maximum grazing, browsing and herd health
*in the winter months, feed good quality hay and just enough grain to help meet the protein requirements of the late-gestation/lactation brood does.  Good quality hay for us is defined as grass-legume with 11-12% or greater protein. (Hay quality is determined by forage testing)      Weanling animals are supplemented as well throughout their first year of life with additional nutrients to maintain a steady growth and make up for low quality pasture forage.
*always have high quality, free choice, loose minerals available that provide adequate copper and other vitamins and minerals specific to the needs of our grazing/browsing goats.
*de-worm goats based on FAMACHA eye color scores, fecal egg counts and body condition